About us


Insolit is a professional team that gathers a great deal of experience in different fields of marketing and communication, at the service of brand positioning and corporate image for our customers.

The aim of Insolit is to offer a comprehensive solution to our customers for them to put across a corporate image based on the fundamentals and values of their brand.

Our knowledge and expertise for more than 20 years in the production and design of shop displays and furniture, deliver a high degree of specialization in corporate image at the point of sale.

We are specialists in graphic design, ephemeral architecture, stand building,  podium displays, exhibit kiosks and point of sale setup.

Insolit , is synonymous of customer support in its communication strategy and implementation in the public space, whereby its brand, product or service, is visible to the marketplace.


POS displays have an increasing relevance in-store where end users may identify a brand, and perceive the benefits of its product compared to the competitors.

By means of an all-round service, Insolit performs all the demanded processes:


  briefing and strategy definition

  project fixing

  new concept design

  industrialization process of designs

  update of furniture and POS material



  maintenance and servicing

  point of sale audit

Our structure enable us to operate across Europe.